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In 1996, The Justine Roberts Performing Arts Academy, owned and operated by Justine Roberts, opens its doors, offering artistic dance programming to children and youth. The program name was changed to the Performing Arts and Science Academy (PASA) and the organization achieves 501c3 non-profit status in 2010 with the future planning of adding a science component. In 2012, The STEAM program is implemented expanding the program’s focus to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. During the summer of 2014, PASA received a grant from Duke Energy and Healthcare Foundation to build its own flight simulator. The Aerospace Flight Simulator program was in full swing by August, following the creation of a flight simulator and we took our first mission.​As of today, success in the program has expanded operations to After-school and Summer programs serving children and youth ages 5-17.  After-school participation has exceeded our goals and brought in 190 participants, recurring and new and our summer participation is currently exceeding 200 participants.


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Our mission is to enrich lives, providing positive characteristics and love for self and others, in a sense of community outreach via the use of arts and education; improve the health and well-being of our community via access to healthy and nutritious meals, community education, and advocacy. 


Our vision is to provide a safe and fun learning environment, where children can reach their full potential through enrichment opportunities.

Christy Brewton

Chief Finance & Compliance Officer

Fred Wilson Sr.

STEM Director

Cierra Reaves

Office Manager

Ella Shannon

Primary School Instructor

Justina Boyd

Food Service Administrator


Dance Instructor

Brandon Roberts

Sports & Fitness Instructor

Vanessa White

Site Coordinator

Sandra Coombs

Program Coordinator

Skakeya McClintock 

Science/Academic Instructor

Marcus Robinson

BOOST Director

Our Board Members

Michele Brown


Jerome Wilson

Vice Chairperson

Antonio Cooper


Delores Shaw


Barbara Hughes

Board Member

Betty Pernell

Board Member