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Our Programs

At the Performing Arts and Science Academy, we want to instill in our children; they can be anything they want to be. We want to ensure them our full support in becoming healthy, responsible, and productive individuals ready to take on life's challenges in our ever-changing and even more challenging economy. Our program is focused on engaging and challenging our students on levels that will not only help them amongst peers and the economy but thrive and be successful in life. 




We build our children's literacy skills with a primary focus on phonics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and writing.


We engage our children with hands-on science to promote teamwork and problem-solving with their peers that will prepare them to work collaboratively and independently.



Math is a huge instrumental part of being successful in life. At PASA our children learn both handwritten and digital math to prepare them for success at school and their future careers.




Our children have so much imagination. We challenge them to turn it into creativity in our art class through painting and crafts. 



From traditional to hip hop dance, children exercise their balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health in this fun program.



Children learn how to properly take care of their body through the use of nutrition, exercise, and sports.



Our music class is comprised of musical games and exercises that teach our children how to read music, vocal lessons, sing, and how to write music.

Writing with Pen

Creative Writing

Our writing program consists of fun and creative writing games and exercises that teach our children the correct way of writing in a fun way.


Our kids get to put on their engineering hats and learn how stuff works. Whether it's building a robot or testing material our kids discover and build fun projects in this fun program. 



Our fitness course encourages our youth to stay active and define their exercise in many ways to ensure our kids remain productive in their health and development.  


Career Exploration

Through field trips and guest speakers, we introduce many careers to our children. Whether it's something they expressed interest in or haven't expressed interest we want our children to gain the knowledge and tools to be successful today. 


As we all know we are in the digital age. We teach our children how to type, create presentations, use email, code and so much more in this interactive class.

Drama / Music

Staring with the creation to delivering the final project, we teach our children the process it takes to deliver an audio recording in this hands-on program.


Our cosmetology program teaches our girls how to care for themselves in a respectful manner with the implementation of learning skin, hair and nail care. 

College Preparation

PASA is all about continuing your education beyond high school. In this fun course, children will learn the difference between the different college types, how to get started on their correct path, and visiting them.

Image by Mathieu Turle

Money Management

Our money management course focuses on teaching our children the power of saving, creating a budget, understanding the different types of money and so much more. 


Prepare to take off in our aerospace program. Students learn about our solar system and go on fun missions just like astronauts do in our space simulator.

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